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Board of Directors

One third of the Directors are elected by the Member Companies at each Annual General Meeting to serve for a three-year term. All Directors serving on the Assuris' Board are independent of the Member Companies. Board members are chosen for their knowledge and experience in the business and technical areas important to life insurance and the management of insolvencies.

The current directors are:

The Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship of the Corporation and for the supervision of the management of the business and affairs of the Corporation. Click below for a description of the role of the board.
Role of the Board of Directors

There are six committees of the Board: Detection & Resolution, Communications & Coverage, Audit, Corporate Governance, Human Resource and Nominating. Each committee has a written mandate approved by the Board that sets out the responsibilities of the committee. Click below for a description of the mandate of the committees.
Mandate of the Committees

Information for Board of Directors