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Group Segregated Funds

The Product

Group Segregated Funds are pools of assets in which group plan sponsors and plan participants invest. The assets of these funds and their value to investors are not impacted if your group life insurance company fails.

A Segregated Fund policy accumulates value, similar to mutual funds, by investing in securities such as stocks and bonds. Unlike mutual funds, an Segregated Fund policy may offer a number of guarantees:
  • Guaranteed amount at death
  • Guaranteed amount at a specified maturity date
  • Guaranteed income benefit - optional

Assuris’ Protection

The actual value of the fund is not impacted if your life insurance company fails. The fund will be transferred to another company and the guarantees will continue.

If your life insurance company fails, Assuris guarantees that you will retain up to $60,000 or 85% of the promised guaranteed amounts, whichever is higher.

Steps to Calculating Assuris' Protection

Step 1
Segregated Amounts Invested
(with 75% guarantee)
Original policy guarantee at death or maturity when company fails
Guaranteed amount protected by Assuris

Step 2
Guaranteed amount protected by Assuris
Assuris Protected Amount
Since the amount is higher than $60,000, the 85% protection is applied to the guaranteed amount.
($75,000 x 85% =$63,750)
If at death or maturity the fund value exceeds the guaranteed amount, Assuris protection is not required.

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